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Stretch & Strength 

Duration: 60 min


The Stretch & Strength class is a balanced session designed to improve both flexibility and muscle strength. It combines deep stretching exercises with strengthening movements to create a complete and harmonious workout experience. It's the perfect class for those looking to build toned muscles and gain greater range of motion.


• Develop Muscle Strength: Through resistance and bodyweight exercises. • Improve Flexibility: Through sustained and controlled stretching. • Balance the Body: Harmonizing the development of flexibility and strength.

Class Estructure

1. Warm-up (10 min): Gentle activation of the body and preparation of the muscles. 2. Strength Block (20 min): Exercises to strengthen different muscle groups, including core, legs, and arms. 3. Stretch Block (20 min): Sequence of deep stretches to release tension and improve flexibility. 4. Final Relaxation (10 min): Cooling down and relaxation to consolidate the benefits of the practice.

Suitable Audience

This class is suitable for all fitness levels, with accommodations available to meet individual needs. It is ideal for those who want to balance their workout routine and promote holistic wellness.


It is recommended to bring a bottle of water, wear comfortable clothes, and arrive a few minutes early to prepare for class. Participants should listen to their bodies and perform the exercises at their own pace.