crossfit lajares

Functional Training

Duration: 60 min


Functional training focuses on exercises that simulate everyday movements and specific activities to improve strength, endurance, agility, and flexibility. In this class, participants can expect a variety of exercises that engage multiple muscle groups and joints, thus promoting a more balanced and functional body.


Improve Strength: Increase muscle strength using body weight, resistance bands, and other equipment. • Develop Agility and Coordination: Improve the body's ability to move quickly and efficiently. • Promote Flexibility: Increase range of motion in joints and improve mobility.

Class Estructure

1. Warm-up (10 min): Body preparation and cardiovascular activation. 2. Functional Circuit (35 min): A series of stations with different exercises that challenge the body in an integral way. 3. Cool Down & Stretch (15 min): Gradual reduction of the intensity and stretching of the muscles worked.  

Suitable Audience

This class is versatile and accommodates all fitness levels. Beginners will find adaptations and progressions, while more advanced ones will find challenges suited to their level. It is ideal for those looking to improve their overall fitness and want a varied and dynamic workout.


Se aconseja a los participantes que lleven ropa cómoda, calzado deportivo adecuado, y una botella de agua. Cada uno debe trabajar a su propio ritmo, escuchando su cuerpo y respetando sus límites