Surf Levels

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The Basis to start improving

Your coach will know how to prioritize your problems and defects in order to organize pragmatic exercises focused on your progression. This point of view is extremely important, because progression is a learning concept that is both very slow and very complex, with many sacrifices accompanied by mental ups and downs, sometimes slowing down the correct evolution.

Personalized Surf Training

Become a better surfer
Once you book a stay with us, we'll ask you about your surfing level, needs and goals so you can get the most out of your experience. We will then place you in one of 4 levels, which is part of the surf training method we created. The level we choose is based on your experience, so you can improve your skills at a faster rate.

wall surfer

Level 1

YOU ARE ALREADY SURFING THE WALL OF GREEN WAVES Do you want to become a real surfer? This is the first step in your process as a surfer. Whether you want to build a solid paddling foundation, take-off on the wall, your first turns. You've already experienced a surf lesson before and need a refresher, your surfer training will really begin.

Level 2

YOU CATCH DIFFERENT TYPES OF WAVES CONSTANTLY, RETURNING TO THE PEAK EASILY Are you ready to take your surfing to a higher level? If you ride in the critical areas of the wave, catch occasional green waves and want to feel the speed of sliding down the line, the trim and the proper angled body position on the board to prepare you for the next level.

surf intermediate


Level 3

OBJECTIVE: BUILD WELL-DONE TURN, FRONT, BACKSIDE, FLOATERS AND CUTBACKS. For surfers who ride powerful waves, they feel comfortable in the lineup. Take advantage of the speed of the wave and connect the turns of your dreams. You'll trim the line and cut clean curves before the week is out. -Strong emphasis on video coaching

Level 4

OBJECTIVE: COMBINE MANEUVERS, SPEED AND FLOW. He's already making turns and you're hungry for more, but he feels “stuck” in making further progress, is open to feedback, and loves watching his video analysis. We offer you more advanced surfing techniques for surfers ready to intensify their pocket maneuvers. – Strong emphasis on video coaching

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